Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoya Nail Lacquer

I have reviewed the Zoya brand of nail polish earlier in a different shade months ago.  This newer shade of Zoya nail polish that came in a much brighter, sassy shade called Sooki, came just in time for the holidays.  I wanted to write another review about this polish because I am astonished at how long this product lasts.  I applied the polish to my toes just before Christmas and it is almost flawless 3 weeks later!  Mind you, it is on my toes and my feet have hardly seen the light of day since I am one to keep my feet covered the entire winter.  But, I am very impressed considering I am too lazy to apply a top coat and did not apply a double coat since the polish looked so even and smooth with only one layer.  I would definitely recommend Zoya!

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