Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orofluido Elixir

Orofluido Elixir is by far my new favorite product yet to come from Birchbox.  Orofluido states that the oil consists of three organic oils one of which has been cultivated in Egypt for 4000 years!  I am constantly searching for hair product that will tame my dry, flyaway thick hair.  I apply the product to my hair while it is damp before drying.  It is noticeably healthier looking and smoother after blow drying and it smells amazing.  My hair gets very dry especially in the winter months.  After straightening my hair, I also run a few drops through my hair to add just a little coat.  My husband has mentioned on two separate occasions that my hair looks so healthy and shiny.  Orofluido Elixir is a product that I will continue to use.

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