Saturday, October 13, 2012

Per-fekt Beauty Lip Perfection Gel

This was my favorite product in October's Birchbox.  Per-fekt Lip Perfect Gel is a plumper, hydrator and shiny gloss.  The sample that came with Birchbox was so small that I almost threw it in the trash without trying it, but my 6 year old daughter wanted to try some on, so I smeared a bit on my lips as well.  I loved it!  I am always looking for a natural looking lip gloss that isn't too pale and will also hydrate my lips.  The color that I received in my Birchbox was Melrose and it is THE color that I have been looking for to use as an everyday gloss.  This gel contains jojoba and hyaluronic acid for moisture and vitamins A and E for protection.  That all doesn't matter to me as long as the color and texture are right and it will keep my lips from drying.  I was just looking on the Birchbox website to order some because the sample that was in the box was a 1-2 time sample and shipping is free! 

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