Friday, May 4, 2012

This product from Benefit has been one of the most surprising products that I have tried from Birchbox.  This balm is called the Porefessional and claims to minimize the appearance of pores.  I held onto this product for at least a month before trying it because I had so many other products that I liked to use didn't really want to add a new facial cream into the mix.  Now I use this product every single day.   I use it on my nose where my pores are the most visible and it is like using a foundation and a powder all in one.  My nose has pores that could use a facial monthly if I could afford it, but with the Benefit Porefessional product, my nose looks flawless after each application.  This product has definitely surpassed my expectations. 


  1. hey is there anyway you can tell me what you put for your birchbox profile? You got the kind of stuff I am interested in, I keep getting things I don't care for.


  2. Hi Sunny, I included in my profile that I am interested in hair and skin care products. I seem to get quite a few anti-aging and hair moisturizing products as I indicated that my hair is on the drier side. I do enjoy many of the products that I get and use them almost daily. Thanks for your question! Amy